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5 Things Were Falling For

5 Things Were Falling For This Fall BY: ASHLEY BOSTWICK We’re already in November! It feels like just yesterday we were in the middle of summer relaxing on the beach. 2018 is coming to close, but before that happens, we still have Fall to enjoy. This season we wanted to share 5 things we’re falling for with y’all! Here are the 5 things we can't get enough of: 1. Fall DIYs. This season we decided to incorporate a more creative project into our decorations. What better way to do that than with a DIY wreath? So we decided instead of making one from scratch, we found a great base wreath that was one sale and added our own little touches...

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Say Bon Voyage To Travel Stress

How to Say Bon Voyage to Travel Stress. BY: ASHLEY BOSTWICK Traveling is my favorite thing to do. Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people is a priceless feature of life. I’m always trying to create amazing memories as the years go by, and traveling is an important part in that. However, traveling can at times be very stressful. With chaos and unpredictability, it can certainly throw you into a funk before your vacation even starts. That’s why staying organized is extremely important. A little organization goes a long way, and while it may seem like a hassle at first, it’ll save you in the long run! I will admit, I can get flustered pretty easily. With...

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Meet The Designer

Hello! I'm Ashley I am a 30 year-old mama to a sweet baby boy, Finn, wife to my husband James, and the youngest of 4 daughters. I live in sunny Florida, but I’m a northerner at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tropical vibes of the sunshine state, but sometimes the humidity doesn’t work well with my curly hair. I’m a lover of all things blush pink, obsessed with my morning coffee, and I have this weird dislike for stickers. My not-so-guilty pleasures include: reality TV, cheese, & a nice glass of California wine. So basically, if you bring me a slice of brie & a glass of buttery chardonnay, while I’m watching the Real Housewives…we will be...

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